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Acqua alle Rose Brand Strategy & Communication Campaigns

As part of the preparation for the brand’s official launch in China, we conducted a quantitative market research to gather insights and benchmarks that would define both the positioning and strategy for the brand in China.

We then produced a 23-page Brand Equity in China document detailing this positioning and strategy.

One of the most significant recommendations was in relation to the brand target: Whereas in Europe it is targeted at 22-55 year old women, in China the insights gathered pointed strongly towards a greater demand for the type of product among a much younger 18- 34 year old demographic.

In line with this readjustment of the brand target, we also provided recommendations on how to give the brand a more youthful tone and style, within the confines of existing brand guidelines.

Once the positioning and strategy were in place, we creatively developed and executed a 3-month launch campaign across popular Chinese digital channels to raise the profile of the brand in China and communicate the brand’s new positioning for China.

Our strategy centered around a ‘star product principle’: maximizing the selling power of naturally occurring peer-to-peer recommendations in China, by keeping the brand’s message simple and clear, as well as generating lots of native content.

We generated engagement through product giveaways and collaborations with popular online key opinion leaders, who wrote product reviews advocating for the brand and its products.

We connected more people with the brand online by conducting offline product giveaways, including via a beautiful pop up flower store.