PEP Talks

This month saw the launch of PEP Talks – which stands for People, Engagement, Professional Talks – our self-organised series of motivational talks.

The speakers were asked to talk about their personal success stories – both in their personal and professional lives –, visions for the future and the meaning to them of engagement.

The main themes treated by the speakers included the importance of having a long-term vision in life: Mirko owes the success in his personal and professional lives to 10-year plans he sets himself and rigorously adheres to. Equally important – and perhaps less daunting than Mirko’s recommended path to success – is setting oneself clear career goals and persisting everyday to achieve them.

But perhaps most important of all – and what both speakers unanimously agreed upon – is to find the right balance between your personal and professional lives and to do a job that you really love: these are perhaps the most essential elements to ensure personal success.

Stay tuned for our next PEP Talks in May with more fabulous speakers – we really can’t wait!

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